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1C11 in English!!!!

As of January 1st 2012 “Un Cafelito a las Once” will be published entirely in English. It has been a difficult decision to take, believe me. I know that most of my readers are from Spanish speaking countries. However, the growth of this blog seems to have reached a limit.

It’s time now to move on. I want this blog to be known and read all over the world and obviously the “de-facto” common language is English.

It’s my intention to keep the old articles in Spanish and translating them gradually during 2012 into English. Of course, the blog will be renamed to “Coffee At Eleven”

For those of you unable to read English I strongly recommend to star with these articles from my own blog.

Apologies to all my Spanish readers, and welcome to the new English speaking ones.


10 comentarios para “1C11 entirely in English”

  1. Alberto dice:

    oH! surprise!

    wait.. 28 ?? december?? fools day? XDD

    bueno aun así Tampoco estaría mal para practicar la lectura diaria acostumbrada del blog!

  2. Xuaco dice:

    Gotta rename it to "ACBB11" then: "A Coffee Break By 11"
    I know it should be eleven o'clock, but just to preserve the Spanish soul, let's stick to that "by"

    Happy 28th of December!!

  3. Hahahaha, muy buena xd Hubiese sido una interesante mejora: Un botón que lleva a la sección "entirely in English"

  4. Rosa M dice:

    Pues a mi me la has colao del tó…Vamos, que me lo he creido bien! ainsss

  5. Josan dice:

    Qué susto. Lo he leído hoy, 31 de diciembre, y ha colado.

  6. Oscar dice:

    Oh no!! My only reading material in Spanish has disappeared. Also, I usually get my students to translate articles from this site into English (killing two birds with one stone: English work while simultaneously attempting to kindle a spark of analytical or critical thinking about conventional wisdom, which is no easy feat here in Andalucía, i can tell you haha).

    Best of luck with the blog and I hope you'll be writing an update about your progress with BBS

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